Catalyst Coating Advantage

At Synergy we specialize in the manufacture of emission catalysts that are tailored to your specific needs whether the final solution is to be applied to a single monolith or to a large set of substrates coatings. These custom catalytic solutions and our proprietary catalyst coating technology are individually tailored to take advantage of the latest technology in raw materials with particular emphasis on:


Catalyst Coating Technology


High Surface Area Aluminas

  • Pre-doped materials (La, Nd) to ensure high temperature stability
  • Chosen complementary to the type and loading of PGM used
  • Best suited for the type of catalysis required


Oxygen Storage Components

  • Zirconia/Ceria mixtures slanted to the catalytic needs and temperature environments
  • Pre-doped (La, Nd) to ensure high degree of stability


Anti-Sintering Agents

  • Sr and Ba included to stabilize the PGMs used
  • Support powders available with dopants that decrease sintering


Precious Metals

  • Specific loadings and ratios to suit your individual neeeds
  • Nano technologies can also be incorporated if desired


Specialized Materials

  • Zeolites and similar for HC trapping functions
  • Other non-conventional oxygen storage components
  • Base metals (standard or nano) for targeted applications


Metallic Monoliths

  • Short turn-around times with respect to delivery of uncoated substrates
  • High flexibility in matching custom catalytic solutions to specific monolith needs (size, geometry, CPSi, brazing)


Cutting-Edge Analytical Equipment

  • PGM content and other elements (ICP-AES)
  • Particle Size (Malvern – Mastersizer 3000)
  • BET-Surface Area
  • Synthetic Gas Reactivity Bench


Our catalyst technological advantage means high reproducibility in all our catalyst offerings for maximum peace of mind. Check out our catalyst manufacturers profile on

Unmatched Speed

We Deliver Faster

By bringing the entire catalyst development process under one roof we are better able to adapt and customize our products to your specifications. Eliminating multiple suppliers avoids confusion and guarantees that your particular catalyst is always on the fast-track back to you!

Paramount Quality

Field-Tested Solutions

Keeping the design and manufacturing process with the same team not only allows us to be fast and flexible; it makes our products better. The same team that designs your catalyst solution to the performance standards you require will stay with the product through the entire fabrication process.

Industry Experience

Regulatory Answers

The combined experience and in-depth know-how within our team is staggering. No other manufacturer that we know of can produce the same breadth of products with the same degree of confidence in craftsmanship and speed to delivery. Don't hesitate to contact us with whatever you need.