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Broad Functionality


Oxidation Catalysts

High performance reduction of CO and VOCs (including HCs)

Combined Cycle low pressure loss catalyst

Open (Simple) Cycle maximum strength and durability catalyst

Custom sizes (up to 36” x 36” square / rectangle)

Various geometries: discrete cell, brazed cell, tortuous path


Solution Specialization


Tailored to Your Application

Oxidation Catalyst Designed Specifically For:

Low NO – NO2 oxidation rates for improved SCR performance and reduced NH3 consumption

Low SO2 – SO3 oxidation rates for lower particulate emissions

High velocity tolerant with extreme mechanical strength and coating durability


Comprehensive Services


New Unit Catalyst Systems

Designed and built to the strictest quality standards, AISC, ASME, ISO and AFBM

Retrofit Systems

Complete design to integrate into existing ductwork to local applicable codes and performance standards

Existing Catalyst Replacement

Exact replacement catalyst elements to customers’ specifications at unmatched manufacturing speed and quality

Testing Services

ICP, BET, SEM and TEM (electron microscopy) with EDAX for performance characterization and root cause analysis


Synergy CO Oxidation Catalyst Systems are designed to be the strongest and built to be the most durable oxidation catalysts.  Utilizing vacuum brazing substrate manufacturing and patented, advanced nano-particle coating technology, quality and long-lasting catalytic performance is built into each catalyst element starting with the raw materials and ending with the finished product. 

Systems are supplied as retrofits into existing exhaust ductwork or replacement elements in existing support structures, designed and manufactured to customer specific requirements ensuring years of compliant catalytic performance.


  • Natural gas, Diesel and Bio Gas oxidation catalyst coatings for CO, VOC, CH2O (formaldehyde) & HC reduction
  • Low NO and SO2 conversion coating formulation options
  • Cell density (cpsi) from 25 to 300 (up to 1000 cpsi maximum)
  • Substrate depth (inch):  1.0” to 6.0”
  • Custom sizes and cell geometries are available
    • Round catalyst elements are available in diameters up to 50”
    • Square or rectangular catalyst elements up to 30” x 36”

Broad Functionality

Oxidation Catalysts

Synergy's Oxidation Catalysts reduce both CO and HC emissions.

Solution Specialization

Tailored to Your Application

  • SCR Catalyst designed specifically for:
    • Va and Ti-Based Technology for traditional applications
    • Cu or Fe Zeolite-Based for applications where Va based and/or Ti based coatings are not practical

Reductant Mixers

New, Replacement & Retrofit