Marine Catalytic Converter Manufacturer

Gasoline Fueled Engines

Complete Manufacturing

For gasoline-fueled engines Synergy Catalyst offers TWC (NSCR) technologies that are:
  • Custom Developed
  • Precision Designed
  • Manufactured to your exact specifications

Diesel Fueled Engines

Many Applicationss

Synergy can also provide all your catalyst-related needs for diesel-fueled Marine Applications:
  • Precision coated DOCs
    • Sizes up to 48' diameter and 36" square
    • Pt or Pt/Pd PGM packages

Technological Expertise

Innovative Solutions

  • Synergy's portfolio of SCR technologies indcludes:
    • Fe Zeolite
    • Cu Zeolite
    • Ti-Based Coatings
  • HC & NOx Reductant Mixers
  • Ammonia Slip Technology
    • Synergy's Ammonia Slip Technology is developed to reduce NH3 to N2 and not back into NO, NO2 or even NO3!