Catalytic Converter Manufacturing For Power Generation

Precision Coated Products

Available in Many Shapes & Sizes

  • Up To 48" Diameter
  • Up To 36" Square
  • Ovals, Octagons, Trapezoids
  • Even Custom Shapes

Gasoline Solutions

Solutions For Gas-Powered Applications

  • TWC (NSCR)
  • Particulate Filters

Diesel Solutions

Solutions For Diesel-Powered Applications

  • DOCs precision coated in all sizes and shapes up to 48” diameter and 36”
  • Both Metallic and Ceramic coated DPFs
  • Both Metallic and Ceramic substrates are coated with Synergy’s Fe Zeolite, Cu Zeolite, Va or Ti based SCR formulations
  • HC and NOx Reductant Mixers